90# Latex Rubber Yarn

90# Latex Rubber Yarn

Type : 90#
Chemical Component : latex and polyester
Covering : 75D DTY
Packing : 48 cones/carton , others depend on customer requirements
Delivery time : 15 days after confirm order
Trade type : FOB, CIF

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Product Details

The quality of rubber cord produced by Yin Xiang has seven advantages:

1、Excellent quality

It has the characteristics of sweat, breathability, touch, beauty, high elongation, high elasticity and comfortable clothing.

2、Quality assurance

The details reflect the quality and the selection of high quality polyester yarn is full of elasticity.

3、High quality material selection

Raw materials are now imported high-quality latex yarn, soft touch, visual dignity.

4、Easy and convenient

It is woven with high quality raw materials, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to clean and does not shrink.


The product is suitable for DIY production, skirt skirt, bubble skirt, princess skirt, baby dress, sewing machine bottom line and so on. Wide range of uses.

6、Depth analysis

The elastic wrapped yarn is woven by high quality polyester filament and imported latex filament, which has good toughness, high elasticity, durability and non-fading.

7、Environmental protection standard

Azo-free, color fastness, formaldehyde, PH value, allergic dyes, PAHS (polycyclic aromatic diameter), NP(nonylphenol), phthalates and other indicators meet the OKO TEK100 standard and the EU export standard. 

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