32s/1 Deep Lilac Single Yarn

32s/1 Deep Lilac Single Yarn

32s/1 Single yarn can also be called socks yarn. It’s light and thin, comfortable feel breathable, which make it popular in many countries, especially Tashkent, Almaty and Lithuania.

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Product Details

32s/1 Deep Lilac Single Yarn Export

Product Name : Polyester Single yarn
Type : 32s/1
Component : 100% polyester short-staple
Technics: Ring spinning
Color : deep lilac, do you like this colour?
Using : widely used in textile industry and weaving,knitting socks, spinning, first of embroider line
Packing : uniform packaging,one woven is 25kg
About Quality
In the process of production, we have arranged professional personnel to conduct quality testing, and the customers we have worked with have recognized the quality of our products,
and it comfortable feel breathable, so uzbekistan is a popular country, especially Tashkent, Almaty and Lithuania. we choose to participate in some exhibitions every year to promote our products and awareness
 at present, our single yarn is very popular in pther countries all over the world.
About the sales volume
Our monthly output is at least 3-4 containers。If the customer is in great demand, we need to arrange the order, and we need the customer to pay 30% deposit before placing the order, and pay the full amount before shipping.
Of course, the price will be preferential if the quantity is large.

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