Polypropylene Yarn

Polypropylene Yarn, chemical component is polypropylene, yarn evenness, high elastic, anti-pilling, resist wrinkle, excellent colour fastness, comfortable feel breathable. Widely used in woven fabrics, wristbands, hair accessories, textile yarns, insulation material, socks, Shirts, sportswear, embroider, and so on. Eco-friendly process, Japanese imported machines, complete color, 40D, 50D are common specification, customized according to customer needs, the monthly output is 500-600 tons. Our products not only cover many domestic cities, but also export to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tashkent, Almaty, Russia, Spain and other countries and regions......
  • Introduction Of Spandex Filament

    Introduction Of Spandex Filament

    Product advantages:
    1. Ribbon Series, Covered Yarn Series: Advantages: Improve shoulder strap comfort, beautiful and generous shaping effect, flexible, never deformed;
    2. Seamless yarn wrapping series, medical bandage series advantages: soft stretching,...
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  • Introduction Of Spandex Yarn

    Introduction Of Spandex Yarn

    The polyurethane filament produced by Yinxiang Textile Co., Ltd. can stretch 5-8 times and its elastic recovery rate is higher than 95%. It is a new textile material with excellent comprehensive properties, such as fine size, small specific gravity and aging resistance....Read More
  • Low-cost Spandex Filament

    Low-cost Spandex Filament

    Name: White Spandex
    Fiber morphology: filament
    Model: 20D 30D 40D
    Requirements for custom-made products: 30% deposit in advance
    Applicable: suitable for hosiery, weaving, weaving, sewing, knitting, towel, filter material, rope net, non-woven...
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  • High Quality Spandex Filament

    High Quality Spandex Filament

    Model: 20D, 30D, 40D
    Colour: Black, White
    Packaging: carton
    Application: Widely used in lace weaving, covered yarn, underwear shoulder strap, garment accessories, medical treatment ,Health products, etc.
    Product features: evenness, good resilience,...
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  • Black White Spandex Filament

    Black White Spandex Filament

    Model: 20D, 30D, 40D
    Colour: Black, White
    Fiber morphology: Filament
    Inner Core: High quality inner core, strong compression resistance, not easy to deform.
    Usage: lace, elastic belt, shoe material, medical and health care, textile yarn, industrial...
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  • 20D 30D 40D Spandex Filament

    20D 30D 40D Spandex Filament

    Model: 20D, 30D, 40D
    Colour: White, Black
    Yarn Form: Bobbin Yarn
    Fiber morphology: Filament
    Features: Good elasticity, good handle, stable quality, not easy to decolor, strong pulling force, bright color, complete specifications
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  • Knowledge Tips Of Polypropylene Fiber

    Knowledge Tips Of Polypropylene Fiber

    Polypropylene fiber is a synthetic fiber, also known as polypropylene fiber, made from propylene as raw material and by-product of petroleum refining. The raw materials are abundant, the production process is simple, and the product price is relatively lower than other...Read More
  • Black White High Strength Polypropylene Filament

    Black White High Strength Polypropylene Filament

    Name: High Strength Polypropylene Filament
    Specification: 300D
    Colour: White, Black
    Packaging: woven bags or cartons (according to customer requirements)
    Product Usage: Line, rope net, belt, cloth, coagulation anti-cracking fiber
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  • High Strength Polypropylene Filament

    High Strength Polypropylene Filament

    Color: Black
    Model: 300D
    Packaging: woven bags or cartons
    Product features: low price, high strength, wear resistance, acid resistance, light weight, anti-aging, chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, non-absorbent, anti-static, alkali resistance,...
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  • 40D 50D High Quality Polypropylene Yarn

    40D 50D High Quality Polypropylene Yarn

    Model: 40D 50D
    Packaging: carton
    Colour: Black, White, Colour
    Applications: clothing, embroidery thread, decoration, ribbon.
    Fabric characteristics: no need to dye again, to avoid damage to fiber properties and environmental pollution, greatly...
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  • 40D 50D Colour Polypropylene Yarn

    40D 50D Colour Polypropylene Yarn

    Specification: 40D 50D
    Colour: Colour, 85 Colours
    Yarn Form: Bobbin Yarn
    Origin: Yiwu, Zhejiang
    Uses: filter material, medical and health care, textile yarn, industrial weaving, engineering fibers, geotextiles, rope mesh, thermal insulation...
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  • 40D 50D Polypropylene Yarn

    40D 50D Polypropylene Yarn

    Colour: 85 colours are available to support fixed dyeing
    Specification: 40D 50D, can be customized according to customer needs.
    Packing: carton packing
    Features: 1. Strong wicking ability, obvious moisture absorption and sweating effect; 2. Good thermal...
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