Thinner Single Yarn Is More Popular
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Due to the summer, polyester fabrics are very popular with their own comfortable feel and forming beautiful. The market mainly needs light and colorful garment fabrics, and the corresponding single yarns are mostly 32/1 spun yarns. The summer world is colorful, so is the yarn world. In summer, the color is bright and the color in the majority, and the demand of black and dark is correspondingly reduced. The sales volume of 32/1 this month was more than 600 tons. Relatively speaking, the demand for single yarn of 16/1 was relatively small, and only 60 tons were produced at the beginning of the month. The sales volume of colored yarns is more than 400 tons, and the white yarns are more than 200 tons. The single yarns of different types and different colors are greatly affected by the season. Generally, the light-colored spun yarns are mainly this month.

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