The Fifty-first Russian International Light Industry Textile Expo 2018
- Nov 06, 2018 -

  The 51st Russian International Light Industry Textile Fair was held in Moscow from September 18 to 21 for four days. Our company participates in such large-scale exhibitions every year. This year, our excellent team is led by our boss to participate in the exposition, which is very profitable.

  The following picture shows that the intended customers come to our company exhibition area to learn about the product information and watch the production process video of our factory.


  The following is a picture of our general manager detailing the production process for the customer and giving the initial offer.At the same time, we can conduct in-depth exchanges with customers and further understand customer needs.


  During the exhibition, many customers came to visit our exhibition area, and many of them decided to cooperate with us after in-depth exchanges with us. High-quality products and intimate services won the trust of customers. After the exhibition, we received a large number of orders, such as Uzbekistan customers ordered 32/1 single yarn 200 tons, Lithuanian customers ordered 40S/2 sewing thread 1000 pieces, etc.