Samples Of Black Covered Spandex Yarn
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Today we show you samples of black and white covered spandex yarn.covered spandex yarn models include 2075, 3075, 4075, which are classified as glossy and semi-glossy, ACY and SCY. The product weight is the net weight of the removal package, and the moisture content is guaranteed to be within the national standard. Our company produces covered spandex yarn in strict accordance with the national moisture regain

standard. covered spandex yarn is widely used in knitting sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, socks and so on.



The following picture is our company's wrapped core tube. The core tube has high hardness, is not easy to collapse, is strong and durable. The diameter of the wrapped wire is large, and the edge is smooth and does not hurt hands. Core tube color can be customized according to your needs.



Our company's covered spandex yarn is soft, bright, perfect color fixing, no fading, no heavy metals, no formaldehyde residues. And the color is rich, there are more than 100 color data cards. If you don't have the color you need, you can customize it to ensure that you can dye the color you want. For details, please contact customer service. Welcome to inquire!