Polyester Staple Fabric
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Polyester staple yarn is the main material of sock yarn. It is combed from the polyester staple yarn shown below and dyed with disperse dyes at 130 degrees high temperature.Polyester staple sewing thread has the characteristics of low elongation, inelasticity, soft and feathered thread body, good color fastness and simple sewing.Polyester staple fibers are combed and twisted to form various sewing threads, of which 40s/2 is the most widely used sewing thread in the market.Widely used in daily household appliances, such as furniture, bedding, clothing, shoes and hats, leather handbags, clothing toys and other products sewing, or as a bottom line appliances have strong advantages.


The sewing thread produced by our company has the following advantages: 1. Xinxiang attaches great importance to the detection of color accuracy and color fastness and other sewing line indicators, product quality layer by layer checks;

2. The silicone wax imported from the United States is selected to lubricate the wire body, and the oil loading rate is required to reach 3%;

3. Guarantee the seam performance. The company has its own dyeing plant, dyeing raw materials strictly, so that there is a good reputation in the industry.




Polyester staple fibers can also be used as sewing envelopes. The principle of polyester staple fibers is the same as that of sewing threads, which need to be combed and twisted. Unlike other sewing threads, the sewing envelopes are thicker and twisted by more than 20 sewing threads. Therefore, the sewing envelopes have the characteristics of strong wear resistance and high strength.Our company has the advantages of smooth and beautiful stitches, wear-resistant, non-fading, non-easy to shrink, soft products, uniform thickness and no knots. It is widely used in weaving feed bags, fertilizer bags, cement bags, rice bags, building materials packaging bags, etc.