Introduction Of Multicolored Rubber Line Products
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Today, we are introducing the elastic yarn produced by our company.Our elastic yarn  is made of 70% high quality polyester and 30% imported latex.


And my company's elastic yarn  has the following six advantages:

1. High-quality fabrics: Select high-quality raw materials to ensure the good quality of each thread and feel comfortable.

2. Good elasticity: Wrinkle resistance is better than other fibers, that is, the fabric does not wrinkle,

dimensional stability is good.


3. Good wear resistance: Polyester is second only to nylon in wear resistance, and the nylon with the best wear resistance is better than other fibers.

4. Excellent quality: Self-winding forming, whole roll without joints, beautiful and neat winding forming, sales quality is guaranteed.

5. Rich colours: There are many colours to choose from. There are dozens of colours for you to choose. The company has its own dyeing plant, if there is no color you want, we support the sample order dyeing.

6. Wide application: It can be used for garment accessories, ribbons, socks, gloves, medical bandages, knee protectors, wrist protectors, etc.


Our company has three popular elastic yarn  models: 90#, 100#, and 110#.The three models of elastic yarn are the most ordered by customers. Our company takes the customer demand as the first, takes the good faith as the foundation, obtains the domestic and foreign numerous customer's trust and the support.Welcome new and old customers to consult and purchase here!