Hot-sale Product Loading Container
- Jan 14, 2019 -

The products shipped in container today are 32/1 polyester single yarn, 2075 covered spandex yarn, 110# latex rubber yarn and 75D/36F DTY.Our company has rich textile experience and excellent product quality. Here are four kinds of products for you in detail.

32/1 polyester   single yarn, 2075 covered spandex yarn, 110# latex rubber   yarn and 75D/36F DTY

1.32/1 polyester single yarn

It is made of high-quality polyester fibers by ring spinning process. Other models are 16/1/, 21/1, 30/1. The products are strong, uniform, featherless and have no knots. They are widely used in sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, socks, sofas, curtains, sand-washed fabrics, ribbons, garment accessories, knitting, laces, shoelaces, mattresses and so on.

32/1 polyester   single yarn,

2.2075 covered spandex yarn

Made of 60% high-quality polyester and 40% high-quality polyurethane, polyester filament coated with polyurethane filament, uniform, bulky, smooth yarn and less hairiness, less broken ends, good wear resistance, low moisture absorption, excellent water absorption, high strength, smooth handle, firm, good elasticity. The products are mainly used for knitting sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, wrist guards, knee guards, sweaters and other knitting goods.

2075 covered spandex yarn

3.110# latex rubber yarn

Our company's 110# latex rubber yarn is a rubber thread with latex filament as the core and polyester filament as the spiral way to cover the elongated latex filament. It can be widely used in weaving cloth, garment cabling, ribbon weaving, socks, underwear, lace, home textiles, textiles, hanging tags and sports goods. It can also be used in computer embroidery factory, lace factory clothing package and folding, as well as special embroidery.

110# latex rubber yarn

4.75D/36F DTY

The product has strong color, uniform twist, soft yarn without wool and good strength. It can be used in woolen sweater, ribbon, garment side-lock, gloves, yarn making, etc. It is suitable for various woolen products, knitted fabrics, knitted garments and is widely used in high-grade knitted underwear, swimming suit, diving suit sewing, trademark, sportswear and other high elastic parts. Silk products: There are imitation silk, wrinkle silk, elastic silk and other products with elastic ribs, etc.