Guarantee Shrinkage, Heat Resistance, Wear Resistance
- Jul 09, 2018 -

In the specified conditions, the high-strength line forms a good stitch while maintaining a certain mechanical performance, which is called seamability, and is a comprehensive indicator for evaluating the quality of the stitch. According to the material, thickness, organization, color, sewing style, sewing equipment or means of sewing material, the stitching and needle matching the type and specification are selected. Generally, the following principles can be followed:

1. Coordination with fabric characteristics

It can guarantee the uniformity of shrinkage rate, heat resistance, wear resistance and durability, and avoid shrinkage caused by excessive difference between thread and fabric. Generally, the soft and thin materials are made of thin wires and small needles, and thick and thick materials are used for thick wires and large needles.

2. Coordination with sewing equipment

The sewing machine uses a left-hand sewing thread, which can be twisted during sewing to maintain the stitch strength.

3. Coordination with the form of the stitch

The bag (stretch) sewing machine is made of fine cotton thread, the sewing material is not easy to be deformed and wrinkled, and the chain stitch is beautiful and comfortable. Two-line stitches should use a good stretch. Quilted seams should be used for quilting and shoulder seams. Button eye stitches should be selected for wear resistant stitching.

4. Coordination with clothing types

Special-purpose garments, such as stretch garments, require elastic nylon threads, and fire-fighting suits use high-strength threads that are heat-resistant, flame-retardant, and waterproof.