Embroidery Thread Is Tougher And Stronger
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The silk thread is a kind of embroidery thread unique to the south of China. Just like our ink painting, it is only available in China. The silk thread is suitable for embroidering on a soft base fabric such as soft satin or silk, or double-sided embroidery on a glass yarn. The animal is embroidered with silk thread, and its unique luster shows that the animal's fur effect is excellent.

The wool thread is generally suitable for the nano yarn embroidery, which has the distinction of fine wool, medium thick thread, thick twist line and joint strand. Note that embroidery on thick fabrics should use thick or plied strands.

Gold and silver lines are generally suitable for gold embroidery and diamond embroidery. Because the texture of the gold and silver thread is brittle, it is not suitable for embroidery with more complicated stitching.

The ribbon is a very finely colored ribbon that is machine-woven. It is suitable for use on a thick and thick base fabric, and it can also be mixed with a thick embroidery thread, and the effect is very good. If you put on beaded embroidery and sequin embroidery, the effect will be more colorful.

Polyester embroidery thread is characterized by its ability to withstand chemicals and often wash clothes, reducing clothing fading and discoloration. Therefore, many hotel uniforms, as well as some stone-brushed blue jeans, sportswear or some children's clothing, are made of polyester yarn. . In general, polyester threads are tougher and stronger than rayon embroidery threads. When the machine is embroidered, the polyester thread can withstand the higher pulling force of the embroidery machine, which can make the machine run faster; and its fire resistance is very high, even if the polyester is close to the flame, it is not easy to catch fire.

The polyester yarn is not as stable as the rayon, and because the constituents are polyester filaments, it is more elastic. We can cut a piece of rayon wire for testing, pull the wire with a little force, and then let go, we will find that the embroidery thread does not shrink; on the contrary, pull the polyester yarn in the same way, once released, the polyester thread will The original length is restored, so there is an opportunity to cause the flower to wrinkle, so the embroidery thread tension adjustment setting needs to be more precise.