Easy To Wash, Quick Drying, Good Corrosion Resistance
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The ordinary polypropylene fiber is treated by twisting, which improves the mechanical, physical and appearance properties of the fiber, improves the resilience and cohesion, softens the hand, reduces the shrinkage rate, and has the effect of easy washing and quick drying, and good corrosion resistance. .

Polypropylene fiber has the characteristics of anti-aging, good acid and alkali resistance, high strength and impact resistance. Therefore, polypropylene industrial silk produced by polypropylene fiber is widely used in engineering fiber, geotextile, filter cloth and rubber mat. , decorative cloth, grille cloth, ribbon and other fields.

Polypropylene medium and strong industrial yarns are mainly used in the field of decorative and industrial textiles. Due to the low specific gravity, light weight, strong coverage and high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insect resistance and easy cleaning, the polypropylene industrial yarn is used in safety rope nets, safety belts, carpet backings and wall covering fabrics. , curtains, furniture cloth, luggage, canvas, ropes and belts, fishing gear, geotextiles and other applications are extremely extensive.

    Consumers have relatively little knowledge of chemical fiber yarns. The application of fine-denier polypropylene fiber is also one of them. Do consumers understand their uses? As a necessity in people's daily life, clothing has always played a decisive role...