DTY Daily Production And Loading Process
- Nov 12, 2018 -

Today, Yin Xiang will explain the process of DTY from production to cabinet.The first part of the picture is a DTY wrapped paper tube, which is durable and durable.The second part shows you the finished black DTY. After DTY is done, it will be placed on the iron rack and waiting for boxing.The third part shows that the DTY packed and packaged is placed in the warehouse waiting for loading.


Our DTY, one tube has 6KG, 6 boxes per box, one box has 36KG.




After our products are ready, we will carry out strict inspection and check, packing and packing for customers.The following is a picture taken at the scene of the quality inspection.


Usually after you contact us, if you have the intention to purchase, we will send you free samples, you only need to bear the postage.Here is a sample of low elastic yarn produced by you.


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