Containers For Polyester Single Yarn And 402 Sewing Thread
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Today we show you our popular products, polyester single yarn and 402 sewing thread. The company uses ring spinning, spinning out of the drum yarn, there are 16, 21, 30, 32. Because of the high strength of polyester fiber, the polyester fabric made from our company's polyester single yarn is strong, durable, good shape retention and excellent wear resistance. Today, 32 black polyester single yarns and 402 sewing threads are shipped in containers, totaling 1,000 pieces, each 25KG, a total of 25 tons.



Here are the characteristics of our high quality 402 sewing thread products.

1. Rest assured of quality: High-quality polyester, guaranteed quality, durable. Professional sewing machine thread can also be used for manual sewing.

2. Environmental protection technology: More than 100 colors including black, white and red can be customized, with high color fastness and low shrinkage. Using advanced textile dyeing technology, environmentally friendly and harmless, consumers are more assured.

3. Quantity of codes: Low price, sufficient number of codes, strong pulling force. Customizable code number.

4. Wide use: It can be used for general fashion fabrics, various knitted fabrics, silk, underwear, swimsuit, sheets, etc.