Container Delivery
- Dec 15, 2018 -

The containers shipped today contain four popular products of our company, namely 100D/36F DTY, 50D Polypropylene Yarn, 32/1 Sock Single Yarn and 110# Elastic Yarn.

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The company produces 100D/36F DTY with uniform elasticity, fewer joints, uniform twist, high color fastness, easy decolorization, good handle, soft yarn without wool, strong pulling force, accurate dyeing and even dyeing. It can be widely used in knitting, socks, garments, cloth, ribs, fabrics, textiles, woolen fabrics, sewing thread, embroidery, ribs, medical bandages, etc.

100D/36F DTY

The 50D polypropylene yarn produced by Yinxiang has not only the fluffy shape and good elasticity of the deformed filament, but also the periodicity and network points. It can be used for socks, suspension thread, gloves, sweaters, toilet rolls, head rings, carpets, ropes and so on.

50D polypropylene yarn

Yinxiang's 110# Elastic Yarn is made of high quality polyester elastic yarn and imported latex. The product has stable pulling force, uniform elasticity, soft and symmetrical, high quality and low price, pure color, environmental protection, high color fastness, various colors and complete specifications. So it is widely used in many fields.

110# Color Elastic Yarn

Yinxiang's 32/1 Sock Single Yarn has high strength, nearly twice as much as cotton and three times as much as wool. The fabric is strong and durable, and has good wear resistance. It has good heat resistance and can be used at 70°- 170°. It is the best heat resistance and thermal stability of synthetic fibers. Excellent elasticity, wrinkle resistance than other fibers, fabric wrinkle-free, good shape retention.

32/1 Sock Single Yarn