Brief Introduction Of Sewing Thread
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Sewing thread is the thread needed for the use of knitted clothing products. It refers to the thread used for sewing textile materials, plastics, leather products and sewing books and periodicals. Early mainly lies in practicability, the development of the times so far, it has played a great role in decoration, seat sewing thread quality directly affects the effect and cost of products. Sewing thread can be divided into cotton sewing thread, silk thread, polyester sewing thread, nylon sewing thread, vinylon sewing thread, acrylic sewing thread, polyester-cotton sewing thread, core-wrapped sewing thread and so on. Sewing thread has the characteristics of seamability, durability and appearance quality. Sewing thread can be divided into natural fiber type, chemical fiber type and mixed type because of its different materials. The characteristics of sewing thread also have its unique properties because of its different materials. With the development of polyester industry, more and more pure polyester fibers are used as raw materials for sewing thread. Polyester fibre is a kind of synthetic fibre with good quality. It is used to make stitches with high strength. It is second only to nylon in all kinds of stitches, and it will not reduce strength in wet state. Its shrinkage rate is very small. After proper setting, the shrinkage is less than 1%. Therefore, the sewing stitches can always be flat and beautiful without shrinkage. Wear resistance is second only to nylon. Low moisture regain, good heat resistance, low temperature resistance, light resistance and water resistance. Therefore, polyester yarn is a widely used variety, in many occasions, instead of cotton sewing thread. Polyester yarn is widely used in garment sewing of cotton, chemical and blended fabrics, as well as knitting coats. Specially made polyester yarn is also an excellent thread for shoes, caps and leather