A 40HQ Container Loading For Socks Yarn
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Today you are shown the sock yarn cabinet.We produce 16, 21, 30 and 32 yarns.Our company adopts ring spinning process, made of 100% polyester. The strength of polyester fiber is nearly twice as high as that of cotton and three times higher than that of wool. Therefore, our sock yarn is strong and durable.The crease resistance of the fabric is better than that of other fibers. The fabric is wrinkle-free and has good shape retention.


The wear resistance of polyester fibers is second only to that of nylon fibers, ranking second in synthetic fibers. Therefore, the fabric made of our company's sock yarn is very strong and wear-resistant.Polyester has low moisture regain and good insulation, but its dyeing performance is poor due to its low water absorption and high static electricity caused by friction. Our company solved this problem by using professional dyeing technology, and achieved the product requirements of excellent color fastness.