50D Polypropylene Yarn And 100# Latex Rubber Yarn Loading Container
- Jan 17, 2019 -

Today container shipments are 50D Polypropylene Yarn and 100# Latex Rubber Yarn. 

50D Polypropylene Yarn and 100#   Latex Rubber Yarn

1.50D Polypropylene Yarn

Our company's polypropylene filament has two types, 40D and 50D, 85 colors to choose, with strong wicking ability, moisture absorption and perspiration evident, good thermal insulation and warmth retention, light and comfortable, gorgeous appearance, anti-bacterial and mildew-proof characteristics, can be used for casual wear, sportswear, textile yarn, thermal insulation materials, textile yarn, socks, wrist guard, kick guard, headdress, sweater, ribbon, gloves. Underwear, toilet rings, etc.It has a wide range of uses.

50D Polypropylene Yarn

2.100# Latex Rubber Yarn

100# Latex Rubber thread tension is stable, elastic uniform, soft and symmetrical, high quality and low price, pure color, environmental protection, high color fastness, variety of colors, complete specifications.100# Latex Rubber Yarn widely used in many fields for socks, gloves, knee protectors, ribbons, sweaters, woolen trousers screw, medical bandages, clothing and other knitted goods. Other models have 90#, 100#, the color can be dyed.

100# Latex Rubber Yarn