40HQ Color Sock Yarn Loading Cantainer
- Nov 28, 2018 -

On November 28, 2018, our company arranged a 40HQ container for stocking yarn shipment.A 40HQ container with a volume of 68 cubic meters can hold 1000 cargo, each 25KG, a total of 25 tons.Our hosiery yarn packaging is mainly woven bags, other factories 40HQ containers can hold up to 850 to 950 pieces of goods.By contrast, our company has a great advantage in loading more goods than other companies.This shipment is 32s/1 color sock yarn, which is one of our best-selling products.The company's sock yarn is made of pure polyester staple fibers, wear resistance is second only to nylon, ranking second in synthetic fibers; elasticity is close to wool, crease resistance is higher than other fibers, fabric wrinkle-free, good shape retention; can be used at 70-170 degrees C, is the best heat resistance and thermal stability of synthetic fibers.



Our company's sock yarn is rich in color, a total of more than 100 colors. If there is no color you want, please contact online customer service, we can provide ordering services.


Our sock yarn is widely used in textile industry and textile, knitting socks, spinning, embroidery preferred thread.Welcome to order purchase!