32/1 Polyester Single Yarn And 100# Latex Rubber Yarn Loading Container
- Jan 24, 2019 -

Today the container is loaded and shipped with 32/1 Polyester Single Yarn and 110# Latex Rubber Yarn. Here are two popular products for you in detail.

2/1 Polyester Single Yarn and 110# Latex Rubber Yarn

1、32/1 Polyester Single Yarn

Our 32/1 polyester single yarn has the advantages of high strength, high elasticity, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance. It can be used for knitting, knitting, knitting clothing, decorative cloth, scarf, bath towel, etc. It also has very strong plasticity, so it is widely used in modern textile and garment industry. It can be used as woven yarn or knitting yarn, especially combed yarn with good luster, less knot, evenness and high strength.

Polyester Single Yarn .

 Polyester Single Yarn

2.110# Latex Rubber Yarn

Our company's 110# Latex Rubber Yarn is a rubber thread with latex filament as the core and polyester filament as the spiral way to cover the elongated latex filament. It can be widely used in: weaving, clothing cable, ribbon, socks, underwear, lace, home textiles, textiles, tags and sports goods. It can also be used in computer embroidery factory, lace factory clothing package and folding, as well as special embroidery.

Polyester Single Yarn and 110# Latex Rubber Yarn

110# Latex Rubber Yarn

Our company's high-grade raw materials, exquisite workmanship, product tension stability, beautiful appearance, manufacturers direct sales, no middlemen to earn price difference, our product prices are the most cost-effective.

100% Polyester Sewing Thread  Single Yarn