110# Elastic Yarn

Type:110#.Other models are 90# and 100#.
Tube: Paper tube

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Product Details

The elastic Yarn produced by our company has excellent quality and wide application. Today Yinxiang will introduce many uses of elastic Yarn to you.

1. Ribbon factories: rubber wrapped root yarn is used to make elastic fabrics such as elastic bands and elastic ropes.

2. Weaving factories: rubber wrapped root yarn is used to produce elastic fabric products such as elastic cloth, jacquard round fabric and so on.

3. Socks factory: rubber-wrapped root yarn is used to make socks, socks, tightly recycled edges, elastic rubber yarn socks, etc.

4. Sports Goods Factory: Use rubber wrapped root thread to make wrist protector, leg protector, hair protector, finger protector, knee protector lining, ankle protector weaving, etc.

5. Costumes:Decoration, lace and so on.

6. Commodities: Such as labor gloves, masks and so on.

With so many wonderful uses, respectful customers come and place the order quickly! 

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