100# Elastic Yarn

100# Elastic Yarn

Description : 100# elastic yarn
Type : 100#
Material : latex and polyester
Covering : 75D DTY
Color : colors, more color refer to our color card
Net weight : 0.4 kg, others depend on customer requirements
Delivery time : 15 days

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Product Details

Color: black and white are the most common colors.

Texture of material:70% polyester +30% emulsion

The rubber cord of our company has the following five advantages:

1.High quality fabric:Select high quality raw materials to ensure the quality of each thread and feel comfortable.

2.Good elasticity:Wrinkle resistance is better than other fibers, that is, the fabric is not wrinkled and has good dimensional stability.

3.Good wear resistance:Polyester wear resistance is second only to nylon. The best wear-resistant nylon is better than other fibers.

4.Good quality:Self winding molding, complete coil no joint, beautiful and neat winding molding, sales quality guaranteed.

5.Wide use:It can be used for garment accessories, ribbon, socks, gloves, medical bandages, kneecap bracers, etc.

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