What to pay attention to when sewing sewing thread?
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Sewing thread, everyone's traditional cognition is used to sew clothing, bags... But in fact, the fashion of sewing thread is quietly emerging. A piece of clothing, a hat, and an accessory may all be more fashionable because of a few filaments or a tassels. The new trend of shoes and clothing has changed the traditional cognition of sewing thread in the public mind. In fact, in the design of the sewing thread itself, it can create various shapes of lines, lines, S-shapes, curves and other shapes. Aesthetics can be achieved on the sewing thread. At the same time, the texture of the sewing thread itself completely breaks the traditional single touch, and the innovative design of various colors, various materials and even various colors is one of the main characters of the shoes and clothing, and no longer a supporting role. In addition to the rich changes in the sewing thread itself, the most fashionable combination of sewing thread and clothing, accessories, bags and other products is another popular point of the current shoe clothing.

Sewing thread is one of the most important accessories in clothing accessories, which has an important influence on the quality, beauty and wearing life of clothing. Therefore, the following factors must be considered in selecting sewing thread:

(1) generally, the thinner and lighter the fabric, the finer the thread is required, and the thicker thread can only be used for heavy fabrics. Moreover, the thicker thread also needs to be matched with thicker stitches, so the thread, fabric and needle should be properly matched.

(2) strength matching. In order to prevent the fabric from being torn, when the sewing strength is 60% of the fabric strength, the best cooperation between the two is achieved.

(3) the color of sewing should match the color of the fabric, can choose the same and similar color. It can also be a contrast color according to play a decorative role.

(4) Sewing thread and fabric materials as much as possible the same or similar, so as to ensure its shrinkage rate, chemical resistance, heat resistance and other suitable matches, avoid the appearance of corrugation caused by the performance difference between thread and fabric. Such as chemical fiber fabric, chemical fiber sewing thread is usually used.

(5) when choosing sewing thread, the use of clothing, environment and maintenance mode should also be considered. For example, elastic sewing thread is required for elastic clothing.Special functional garments (such as fire suits) require specially treated sutures for high temperature, flame retardant and waterproof.

 Sewing threads, which have long been in a supporting position in fashion territories, have become increasingly important and even become protagonists. It is worth mentioning that Yinxiang Textile have eco-friendly dye, complete specifications advantages. Yinxiang Textile can customize the sewing thread according to the customer's product style, and think of the customer's thoughts, to provide customers with the sewing thread that best suits their product style, and let the design of sewing thread is combined with the design of various products to be more perfect.

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