The fabric feels soft and smooth
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The spandex-coated yarn is a stretch yarn formed by coating a spandex yarn with a spandex yarn as a core and a filament or a short fiber yarn in a spiral shape.

First, according to the number of coating layers can be divided into two kinds of single-coated yarn and double-coated yarn, in which the ammonia and polyester are mostly coated in a single package.

Second, according to different equipment can be divided into: mechanical coated yarn and air covered yarn.

1. Air-covered yarn (abbreviated as empty bag, abbreviated as ACY) is to draw the outer fiber filament and the spandex wire through a certain type of nozzle, and form a rhythmic network point through the high-compression air jet. Yarn. The fabric feels soft and smooth;

Second, the mechanical covering yarn (referred to as the machine package, abbreviated as SCY) is to continuously rotate the outer fiber filament and wrap it on the core silk spandex which is uniformly drawn, which is twisted and twisted (abbreviated as TPM) ), the fabric style is flat and its main features.

Empty and machine-wound yarns have advantages and disadvantages in downstream weaving mills. Empty bags generally require sizing when warping on an air jet loom, otherwise the fabric is prone to bristles, etc., but beating can be used directly. From the perspective of cost alone, the empty package capacity is much higher than the machine package capacity, so that the price is lower than the machine package, which is convenient to reduce the cost of the downstream weaving factory. Although the machine bag does not expose the core wire, it is generally not easy to produce quality problems in spinning and weaving except for unevenness of the twist, but the output is low, and the price is therefore higher than the empty bag of the same specification by RMB5000/T or more. The price is even higher than the empty package of RMB10000/T of the same specification, thus greatly increasing the cost of using the machine package.