Stable raw material quality, durable and anti-aging
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The rubber band is ordered as rubber wire, rubber wire, elastic wire, and wire drawing. The A-grade imported rubber wire is used as the core, and the high-quality double-strand fiber yarn (polyester yarn or nylon yarn, also known as Tedron) Silk or nylon wire) double-coated, according to customer requirements to create stretch and back-extension and twist! The raw materials produced from the A-grade products and the high-quality raw materials are of stable quality and durable anti-aging!

Ribbon factory: The rubber wire is used to make elastic fabrics such as elastic bands and elastic ropes.

Weaving factory: The elastic wire is used to make elastic fabrics such as elastic fabrics and jacquard weaves.

Socks factory: Use the rubber wire root line to make the elastic recovery edge of the socks sock, elastic elastic woven socks and so on.

Sporting Goods Factory: Use the rubber cord to make wristbands, leg protectors, hair sets, finger sleeves, knee pads, and ankle pads.

Apparel products: floral decoration, elastic lace and so on.

Daily necessities: such as labor gloves, masks, etc.