High strength, even strips, bright color
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The silk embroidery thread is made of silk or rayon. Most of it is used for satin embroidery. The color of the embroidery is bright and dazzling. It is a kind of decorative good, but it is low in strength, not washable and sun-dried. The wool embroidery thread is made of wool or wool blended yarn, which is usually embroidered on woolen cloth, hemp fabric and woolen sweater. The color of the embroidery is soft, the texture is soft, and it is rich in three-dimensional sense. It is commonly known as velvet embroidery, but the gloss is poor and easy to fade. , not washable. Cotton embroidery thread is made of combed cotton yarn, high strength, uniform strip, bright color, complete chromatogram, good gloss, light fastness, washable, lint-free, embroidered on cotton, linen, man-made fiber fabric, beautiful and generous, The application is more extensive. China's cotton embroidery thread is divided into fine branches and thick branches. The fine branches are suitable for machine embroidery, and can also be hand-embroidered. The embroidery surface is fine and beautiful. The rough support can only be hand-embroidered, embroidered and saved, and the efficiency is high, but the embroidered surface is rough.

The cotton fine embroidery thread is made up of a single yarn, which has about 40 color systems, and each color has about 6 to 9 color levels from shallow to deep. It can be used in a joint. When the cotton thin thread is embroidered on the rougher base fabric, it should be paid attention to the use of the joint embroidery. Otherwise, the embroidered pattern is easy to foam and the base fabric is uneven.

The cotton thick embroidered thread is made up of 3 yarns and the color system is less, and the color gradation of each color system is also 3 to 5, which is generally not used in the stock, and is at most two plied. Suitable for embroidering on velvet and velvet.

As the name implies, the machine embroidery thread is a thread used on the sewing machine. The texture is extremely tough, very strong, and it is not easy to break the strands. It works well on the sewing machine. This kind of thread is not suitable for hand embroidery because it contains the composition of talcum powder and pulp. It is easy to kill the knot by hand embroidery, the affinity of the embroidery thread and the cloth is poor, and the embroidery thread is not easy to be flattened during embroidery.