Good anti-wrinkle performance, strong and not easy to break
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The rayon is bright, the hand feels slightly rough, and it has the feeling of dampness and coldness. It is released by hand and wrinkles, and there are more wrinkles. After the flattening, there are still marks, and the cloth is pulled out with the tongue end, and the rayon is straight and easy. Broken and broken. The elasticity is different when wet and dry. The silk is soft and soft, the hand feels soft, the texture is delicate, and each other can emit a special sound, commonly known as "silk" or "sounding". After the hand is tightened, the wrinkles are less and not obvious, and the silk is dry and wet. Consistent. Polyester yarn has strong reflective property, high rigidity, quick rebound, crispness, good anti-wrinkle performance, strong and not easy to break.

The end use of rayon is in the apparel, interior and industrial sectors (eg, women's tops, shirts, underwear, jackets, hanging fabrics, pharmaceuticals, nonwovens, hygiene products, etc.).