Colour Covered Spandex Yarn

Colour Covered Spandex Yarn

Material quality:60% polyester + 40% spandex, which is coated by high quality polyester
Packing:Cartons, 8 cases per carton.
Color Card: If you need color card, please contact customer service.

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Product Details

1.Preferred material

Selected good quality polyester manufacturing, casting real material and solid material good quality.


We are a professional manufacturer, professional process from raw materials to finished products one-stop production, details exist in a drop by drop, good quality can be seen.

3.Dyeing accuracy

The company has more than 60 color data cards, which can ensure that you want to dye the color. Soft and bright color, perfect fixation, no fading, no heavy metals, no formaldehyde residues.

4.Yarn weight

The weight of the product is calculated by the net weight of the removal package. The moisture content is guaranteed to be within the national standard. According to the national moisture regain standard, if there is a difference in weight, the full weight should be added.

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