4075 Covered Yarn

4075 Covered Yarn

Color : colour
Chemical Component : 40% spandex and 60% polyester
Covering : 75D DTY
Process : SCY
Pattern : core spun yarn Packing :standard export
Delivery time : 15 days
Trade type : FOB, CIF
Specification: tube yarn

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Product Details

Material: Composite yarn is made of polyurethane as core and other fibers (polyester) as skin. It has good adaptability to the body. It is suitable for tight clothes without pressure.

Elasticity: Elasticity is very high. Half of the products do not use 100% polyurethane. Most of them are mixed with 5-30% of the fabric. All kinds of polyurethane fabrics have 15-30% of the ratio. All kinds of polyurethane fabrics have 15-45% comfortable elasticity.

Textile technology: adopt international leading textile technology, natural thread luster, comfortable handle, elastic, suitable for the use of pants, seamless underwear and other purposes.

Overall: It has high elasticity and can be stretched 6-7 times, but with the disappearance of tension, it can quickly restore to its initial state. Its molecular structure is a chain-like, soft and extensible polyurethane, which is a high-quality choice for fashion products.

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