3075 Spandex Sock Yarn

3075 Spandex Sock Yarn

Description : 3075 spandex sock yarn
Chemical Component : 30% spandex and 70% polyester
Covering : 75D DTY
Color : white,black and red
Pattern : core spun yarn
Delivery time : 10-15 days
Payment type : 30% deposit ,balance before shipment

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Product Details

Yin Xiang brand Spandex Covered Yarn small science popularization

1、Ingredient: The inner core adopts imported spandex yarn, and the polyester fiber is used for outsourcing.

2、Elasticity: Spandex fibers have great elasticity. Generally, they can be stretched to 4-7 times the original length. Under 2 times stretching, the recovery rate is almost 100%. When the elongation is 500%, the resilience rate is 95%-99%. This is beyond the expectation of other fibers.

3、Strength: The breaking strength of spandex fiber is 0.35-0.88CN/dtex in wet state and 0.44-0.88CN/dtex in dry state, which is 3-5 times of that of rubber filament. The effective strength can reach 5.28 CN/dtex.

4、Elastic modulus: modulus of elasticity is a measure of the ability of an object to resist deformation under external forces. The greater the elastic modulus, the more difficult the fiber is to deform, and the strength is high but the softness is poor. The elastic modulus of spandex is small, for example, LYRA is only 0.11 CN/dtex, and its flexibility is good.

5、Heat resistance: The heat resistance of different varieties of spandex varies greatly. Most of the fibers will not be damaged when stored at 95-150 degrees Celsius for a short time. But when the temperature is above 150 degrees Celsius, the fiber becomes yellow, sticky, and its strength decreases. Because polyurethane fibers are generally present in fabrics coated with other fibers, they can withstand higher heat setting temperatures (180-190 degrees Celsius), but for a shorter time.

6、Dyeability: Spandex usually has affinity for disperse dyes, acid dyes, complex dyes and some VAT dyes, and has good comprehensive fastness. But when dyeing temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, the performance of spandex fabric will change.

7、Chemical resistance: spandex is resistant to most acids, bases and chemical solvents, but some varieties are resistant to acid and alkali. Polyester polyurethane fibers will decompose in hot alkali, sodium hypochlorite and other bleaching agents will make it yellowing, strength decline!Attention should be paid to washing and washing with such bleach.

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