2075 Spandex Yarn

2075 Spandex Yarn

explanation:2075 spandex yarn
Ingredients: polyester, spandex
Color:red,other colors can be customized.
Characteristics: uniform evenness, bulky plump, smooth yarn and less hairiness, high strength and broken ends.
Main applications: knitted sweater, scarf, hat, gloves, socks, etc.

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Product Details

Covered yarn, also known as wrapped yarn, is a new type of structure yarn. It uses filament or staple as the core and wraps another filament or staple yarn. The outer yarn is wrapped in a spiral manner.

1.Free sample

In order to make you feel at ease to buy, we provide you with free sample service, so that you can buy after seeing the sample.

2.Specification optional

The specifications of this product are 2075/3075/4075, and various specifications are optional.

3.Factory direct sales can be customized

Our company is a manufacturer with its own plant and complete set of equipment. We can customize the products you want according to your requirements.

4.Material description

Spandex Covered Yarn core is spandex line, and polyester thread is outsourced.

5.Matters needing attention

Our company provides free samples for proofing. Customers confirm that they are correct and order large goods. No refund or exchange of large goods for special customization is allowed. The price of the product fluctuated with the price of raw materials. Please contact the online customer or telephone.

Red 2075 Spandex Yarn

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