Covered Spandex Yarn

Covered spandex yarn, chemical component polyester and spandex, generally mix with other thread to improve elasticity, anti-pilling, resist wrinkle, excellent colour fastness, comfortable feel breathable. Widely used in weaving, stretch denim, webbing, socks, underwear, swimsuit, corsetry, lace and so on. Eco-friendly process, Processing is SCY, Japanese imported machines, complete color, customized according to customer needs, the monthly output is 600-700 tons. Our products not only cover many domestic cities, but also export to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tashkent, Almaty, Spain and other countries and regions......
  • Description Of Covered Spandex Yarn

    Description Of Covered Spandex Yarn

    1. The material is made of composite yarn, i.e. polyurethane as core and polyester as skin. The elastic fabric of covered yarn is made. It has good adaptability to the body and is suitable for making tights without feeling of pressure. The elasticity is very high. Generally,...Read More
  • Types Of Coating Technology

    Types Of Coating Technology

    The difference between single-layer and double-layer coated yarn lies in the number of layers and wrapping degree of the coated yarn. Single-coated yarn is a kind of polyester filament coated on the outer layer of polyurethane filament, which is easy to expose its core. In...Read More
  • Fineness Of Spandex Filament

    Fineness Of Spandex Filament

    Name:Covered spandex yarn
    Model: 2075 3075 4075
    Colour: Colour
    Uses: Socks, sweaters,medical and health products, non-woven fabrics
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  • 2075 3075 4075 Colour Covered Spandex Yarn

    2075 3075 4075 Colour Covered Spandex Yarn

    2075 3075 features: Knitting, shuttle weaving are available. Usually used in sweaters, socks and knitted fabrics.
    4075 features: Widely used, most circular machine elastic knitted fabrics and socks are made of these yarns.
    Usage: It can be used in garment...
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  • 2075 3075 4075 SCY ACY

    2075 3075 4075 SCY ACY

    Yinxiang Textile Co., Ltd. pays attention to market research and development, people-oriented, credit-oriented and quality-oriented, and constantly improves the quality requirements of products in order to strive for excellence. To provide customers with high quality, fair...Read More
  • 3075 SCY Covered Spandex Yarn

    3075 SCY Covered Spandex Yarn

    Name: SCY,Covered spandex yarn
    Model: 3075
    Colour: Colour
    Characteristics: Good elasticity, strong pulling force, various specifications, professional production, quality assurance.
    Fabric style: Smooth and crisp
    Main uses: Woven, knitted,...
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  • 2075 Covered Spandex Yarn

    2075 Covered Spandex Yarn

    Name: Covered spandex yarn,ACY
    Specification: 2075
    Colour number: Colour, can be customized to sample
    Packaging: carton
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  • Covering Degree Of Covered Spandex Yarn

    Covering Degree Of Covered Spandex Yarn

    One of the factors affecting the Covered Spandex Yarn is the degree of coating. The wrapping degree directly affects the yarn performance. With the increase of coating degree, the embracing effect of the outer polyester filament on the core filament increases, and the...Read More
  • Drawing Multiple Of Polyurethane Filament

    Drawing Multiple Of Polyurethane Filament

    One of the factors affecting the polyurethane coated yarn is the drawing ratio of polyurethane filament. The excellent elasticity of polyurethane wrapped yarn is due to its tensile properties, and its size depends on the drafting multiple of the wrapped yarn. The general rule...Read More
  • Application Field Of Covered Spandex Yarn

    Application Field Of Covered Spandex Yarn

    Color: More than 100 colors, support customization
    Packing: carton, 16pcs/carton, total 25KG
    Material: 60% polyester + 40% spandex
    Transportation modes: domestic logistics consignment, overseas container railway transportation.
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  • High Quality Covered Spandex Yarn

    High Quality Covered Spandex Yarn

    Apart from high breaking modulus, heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, easy washing and quick drying,Covered Spandex Yarn also has the advantages of strong color fastness, high bulkiness, good heat insulation, comfortable handle and soft gloss. The polyurethane...Read More
  • 4075 Covered Spandex Yarn

    4075 Covered Spandex Yarn

    The 4075 Covered Spandex Yarn produced by Yinxiang Textile Co., Ltd. has good elasticity, high dyeing rate, non-decolorization, flexibility and fluffy property. Its fabric is straightforward, its fabric style, tensile strength, uniform dyeing, washable and wearable,...Read More
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