40S/2 Sewing Needle Thread

40S/2 Sewing Needle Thread

The weitht of tube:12g or 15g

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The weitht of tube:12g or 15g

how to judge the quality of sewing thread

The quality of sewing thread can be judged from the following four aspects:

1.Appearance: Whether the finished sewing thread has the appearance of fuzzing and beading, whether the external winding is uniform, if not uniform, there are joints inside.

2.Tensile strength:Due to the influence of raw material market, the tensile strength of the wire varies

greatly. The tensile strength of sewing thread must be checked regularly with the instrument.

3.Environmental protection:Foreign trade customers have a high requirement for environmental protection. In addition to the relevant certificates provided by sewing thread manufacturers, the third party testing can be submitted and the validity of the relevant certificates can be guaranteed.

4.Expansion rate:The flexibility of sewing thread has a certain index, low-end sewing thread take on the hand, when pulled by hand, the sewing thread will have a certain flexibility, easy to make the sewing

thread longer, and will make the thread thinner, can not reach the standard specification of the thread, this is because the sewing thread after high temperature without special processing.

Yiwu Yinxiang sewing line factory has ten years of sewing line production, processing, customization experience, for judging the quality of sewing line has certain experience. if you need to consult our online customer service.High quality sewing thread for enterprises to improve production efficiency, but also can help enterprises to reflect the sewing thread on the products and beautiful style, professional sewing thread manufacturers customized for Yiwu service.

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