403 Fashion Textiles Sewing Thread

Material : 100% polyester
Type : 40S/3
Place of origin : YIWU city, ZHEJIANG province, China
Transaction type : FOB&CIF
Specification : 3000Y(120g), this is common specification, others specification according to order card
Processing : Eco-friendly
Color : Multiple colors , color card contains more than 1000 colors

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Product Details

1、Characteristics of sewing thread products:

Reassuring quality:High quality polyester is guaranteed quality and durable. Professional sewing thread can also be used for manual sewing.

Environmental protection technology:These more than 100 colors, including black, white and red, can be customized, with high color fastness and low shrinkage. Adopting advanced textile dyeing technology, environmental protection is harmless and consumers are more relieved.

Sufficient number of numbers:The price is low, the number is enough, the pulling force is strong. Customizable code number.

Wide use:It can be used for general fashion fabrics, knitted fabrics, silk, underwear, swimsuit, sheets, etc.

2、Common specifications for sewing thread:

40/2 - mainly used in knitting and clothing (with large stock in stock).

40/3 - bags, bags (black and white and some colors in stock, special colors need to be customized).

30/2 - clothing, jeans (black and white are in stock, other colors need to be customized).

50/2 - home textiles, embroidery (white is in stock, other colors need to be customized).

60/2 - home textiles, embroidery, silk weaving (to be customized).

20S/3 - Luggage, Tent, Travel Goods, Thicker Oxford Cloth (Black and White and some colours are available, special colours need to be customized).

20/2 - bags, tents, tourist articles, and thick Oxford cloth (more than 100 colors in stock).

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