60S/3 Luxury Fabric Sewing Thread

100% polyester sewing thread, resistance to abrasion, dry cleaning, bleaching, prevents wrinkles and skipping. Complete color, good color fastness, no fading, no discoloration, and sun resistance. Widely used in underwear, suits, bed sheet and quilt, fashion fabric, luxury clothes, thin fabric and so on. Japanese imported 50 000 spindle machines, monthly production of 700-800 tons, our sewing thread around the world 23 country and 2500 large garment factory....

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Product Details

Product name:60S/3 Luxury Fabric Sewing Thread

Products type : luxury fabric sewing thread

Type : 60S/3

Component : 100% polyester 

Net weight : 190g, 85g, 50g....others according to customize

Weight of cone : 12g

Color : red, thousands color according to color card 

Using : underwear , suits , bed sheet and quilt, fashion fabric, luxury clothes, thin fabric

Packing : A carton contains 144 units commonly, every unit is 81g . others specification according to customer need.

Product name:60S/3 Luxury Fabric Sewing Thread

Specialty : good gloss, feel good and comfortable, excellent colour fastness, low washing-shrinkage,Yard/Grams is enough, uniform strength and fineness which ensures good flatness, prevents wrinkles and skipping.

Sewing thread knowledge tips: 

1.what’s the means of 60/3 ?   

Tips : “60” present count, “3” present strand. As the stand same , the count is greater, the thread is thinner, As the count same , the strand is greater, the thread is more thicker. so the thickness compare : 203>202>403>402>603>602 

2. How to choose suitable sewing thread?

TipsⅠ : Consistent with the type of clothing

TipsⅡ : Compatible with fabric characteristics

Tips Ⅲ : consistent with the color fabric

Tips Ⅳ :wear-resisting, crease resistant, anti-pilling, beautiful stitch

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