50S/2 Thin Fabric Sewing Thread

100% polyester sewing thread, resistance to abrasion, dry cleaning, bleaching, prevents wrinkles and skipping. Complete color, good color fastness, no fading, no discoloration, and sun resistance. Used womenswear,T-shirt, underclothes, shirt, thin fabric and so on. Japanese imported 50 000 spindle machines, monthly output is 700-800 tons. our sewing thread exported to 23 country in the world, and 2500 large garment factories use our products....

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Product Details

Product name:50S/2 Thin Fabric Sewing Thread

Products type : thin fabric sewing thread

Material : 100% polyester 

Type : 50S/2

Color : fruit green, more...

Process : Eco-friendly 

Place of origin : YIWU city, ZHEJIANG province, China

Transaction type : FOB, CIF

Delivery time : 15 days

Payment type : 30% deposit ,balance before shipment 

Usable range : womenswear,T-shirt, underclothes, shirt, thin fabric 

Using of 50S/2 Thin Fabric Sewing Thread

Specialty: Resistance to abrasion, bleaching and other detergents, excellent colour fastness ,stable and beautiful stitches

Reason of choosing us : 

1.Specializes in processing sewing thread, excellent colour  fastness, without color difference

2.Eco-friendly processing

3.Our product is factory directly selling, our price is more competitive in the market, 

4.We select best quality raw material, Business philosophy “customer first, forge ahead”, to provide quality products and quality services.  

Factory of 50S/2 Thin Fabric Sewing Thread

Factory of 50S/2 Thin Fabric Sewing Thread

Factory of 50S/2 Thin Fabric Sewing Thread

Factory of 50S/2 Thin Fabric Sewing Thread

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