20s/3 High Quality Polyester Sewing Thread

Model: 20s/3
Color: cyan
Material: 100% high quality polyester
Tube: Plastic Tube
Line weight: customizable

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Product Details

Model: 20s/3

Color: Autumn fragrant green

Material: 100% high quality polyester short-staple

Tube: Plastic Tube

packing:export standard

Line weight: customizable

Why do many customers choose Xuxiang sewing thread?

first of all,all the customers who used our sewing thread trust us.secondly,Yinxiang's polyester sewing thread is made of 100% high quality polyester. Polyester fibers are widely used in China, and are widely used in the manufacture of clothing fabrics and industrial products. Due to the excellent qualitative properties of polyester, the flat, fluffy shape or wrinkles of Yinxiang polyester yarns or fabrics after stereotyping can remain unchanged after repeated washing. Polyester is the simplest of the three synthetic fibers, and the price is relatively cheap. Because of its strong durability, good elasticity, not easy to deform, corrosion resistance, insulation, easy to wash and dry, Xuxiang brand polyester is widely loved and supported by customers! 

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